Welcome To Community Loans!

Comm Loans. is a twelve plus year old south Florida based commercial mortgage brokerage company. We work with multiple institutional investors, private lenders and investment banks.

We are capable of arranging commercial loans ranging from as small as $500,000 to $300 Million on a nationwide basis for a wide variety of property and loan types. On a case by case basis we also can consider financings outside of the United States in selected areas and where opportunity presents sufficient merit to warrant financing.

In addition to our available finance programs, we know the key players in the commercial financial markets extremely well and are continuously exploring financing options to ensure that the borrower is obtaining the most advantageous financing terms available in today’s challenging financial climate.

Commercial lending by banks and other commercial lenders have reached record lows for lending and investing with very few loans available for qualified borrowers…The good news is that we have relationships with investors and private lenders that are more aggressive than ever before to take advantage of high quality opportunities in current market and have capital available even for new construction for financially qualified borrowers.

Commercial lending by banks and other lenders has reached record lows with very few loans available for qualified borrowers.
The good news is that we have commercial lenders that are more aggressive than ever to take advantage of high quality opportunities and have capital available purchase, or refinancing. For more information and to continue reading, click here.

Comm Loans offers institutional funding for lease-back of new governmental or existing corporate buildings: office complexes, correctional facilities, administrative buildings, libraries, police stations, fire stations, and maintenance facilities. Institutional buildings: hospitals, medical centers, schools, and colleges/universities are also eligible. Credit worthiness is generally determined by the client’s bond rating and other factors.

In the midst of a global energy crisis there is a great need for renewable energy technology and supply of clean energy both domestic and internationally. In addition to energy, the US along with many other countries need to make substantial investments in critical infrastructure assets and critical projects. Comm Loans has developed a close relationship with an energy fund that provides construction financing, senior debt and joint venture solutions specifically to operators and developers of energy related projects.

We focus on the future cash flow as the primary factor of underwriting. The large majority of energy projects and other infrastructure related projects have the ability to obtain long term Power Purchase Agreements or off take agreements that ensure profitability and ability to service the debt. We also consider non-energy related projects such as sewer and water facilities, transportation, mining (coal) and waste to energy projects.