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Q & A | Commercial Mortgage – Multi-Family, Industrial, Retail, Office, Medical, Warehouse, Self-Storage – Purchase, Refinance, Construction

Q & A

Here are some interesting questions that we have been asked. 


Q:  Is 100% financing available for commercial properties?
A:  No. 100% financing is available for residential mortgages, not
commercial mortgages.


Q: What are interest rates today?
A: We don’t know!  They vary from day to day and property to property and the loan structure as well as money markets, so when you’re ready call us and we’ll review those details.


Q: What is the maximum loan size you can handle?
A: Recently we were asked if we could handle a $200 million construction loan, and after we understood the deal we said yes. It’s not the size of the loan, it’s the (borrower’s) amount of equity they’re bringing to the project and the ed marketability of the property they’re developing or buying.  Remember – cash laying idle is no good. It must be put to work, and it’s generally available for a sound borrower with a profitable property.


Q: What type of properties do you arrange financing for? Multi-Family,
Multi-Tenant, Office Buildings, or Hotels / Motels?
A: We run the list from retail centers to single tenant big boxes, but lately we’ve been handling a number of refinancing of several multi-family transactions as well as hotel and motel purchases as well. We’re also placing construction loans.


Q: Do you have a property preference?
A: Our preference is for a property that will cash flow.  Also one where the borrower comes to the transaction knowing the procedures involved, but if they don’t we’ll take the time and work with them.


Q: Don’t most borrowers who deal with commercial properties know the
ropes having done commercial loans before?
A:  You’d be surprised because even “The Donald”  has advisors.  This is because no one can keep up with the changing face of lenders and their lending appetites.  We’re always learning about what’s out there.


Q: Do you think you are better than other brokers?
A: Not necessarily, however many of our clients may feel that we are, perhaps because we come from the borrowers side having been developers. Due to this, we bring a level of understanding that many mortgage brokers can’t.


Q:  What do I need to submit for a construction loan?
A:  It’s an extensive list which is available in our “Loan Forms” Page.  This list will apply to construction loans from $1 million to $200 million.


Q: We want to buy a small 6 unit apartment complex or”multi-family”. What do we need for that?
A: You need the same thing that the lender needs initially.  To keep it simple we only ask that you provide :

  • Three Years Income and Expenses ( Loan Forms )
  • Five digital photographs emailed to us (front, sides, back, street)
  • Mapquest.com Map Location


Q:  We’ve often heard the term “structured financing”. What is that?
A:  Structured financing is how deals are being done today. Lenders, particularly in regions with high barriers to entry, have employed increasingly creative tactics when it comes to financing multi-family transactions. Nearly every deal now involves structured finance vehicles, which often include a senior debt piece, a preferred equity piece and a mezzanine loan, or bridge loan.


If you have any other questions please click here to email us

or email david@alexanderrealtycapital.com

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